My View on Politics and Religion…

Two things I will not discuss with you until I know you well enough, and maybe not even then. They are topics that some people are quite passionate about and that is understandable, to a certain extent. In my opinion unless you are in a position to actually stand up for, make changes to or be a representative of either then it really should not be a topic you let yourself become consumed by. I think they are both necessary evils but I neither side with or subscribe to any particular part of either.

As far as politics go I refuse to categorize myself or put myself in any box that says to anyone that just because there is a democrat running for office I will vote for them. No, I will vote for the best person for the job and whomever makes me believe they will do a better job, sometimes it is a democrat (ok mostly) and sometimes it is a republican. I look at the topics and the platforms and make an intelligent informed decision. I do not vote for anyone because of rumors and hearsay and because it is what everyone else is doing. I have a right to vote and though I may not believe 100% in the voting system and everything related to it I will still go out there and exercise that right that so many women before me fought and died for.

There are a lot of people out there right now getting bent out of shape over the candidates running and a lot of them are going on social media with their political opinions and that is something I will never do. I have hidden newsfeeds from most everyone now that posts their political rants. I do not need or want to see it, and believe you me nothing you say or bitch about is going to make anyone else change their mind. The most it will do on places like facebook is get you hidden, unfriended or in extreme cases, blocked. I will stop following you in order to preserve any respect I might have for you if I see that you are ranting like an insane person over something that is out of your control.

This blog post right now is the only time you will ever see me talk about politics or religion. I feel those are personal choices and no matter what your reasons are for choosing which side you choose, it is no one’s business but your own. I hate the fact that there is a small part of me that feels a little disappointed in someone when I hear they think a certain someone should be president (that candidate shall remain nameless). I cannot help but think there is a part of them that needs to be educated a little more and that they are not making an informed decision and are just following the circus crowd. I hate feeling like that because I know I am being judgmental and I really strive not to be in my everyday life. I actually pride myself on how open minded I am about everything, absolutely everything.

When someone tells me they are a democrat or a republican I just smile and go on my way, because really what do I care? If I am going to judge a person it is going to be on things that actually matter and can affect me like how they treat me, their attitude, their personal character. Those are the things that matter when you are with someone and not their personal private beliefs like politics and religion.

Speaking of religion lets hop on into that boat for a moment shall we. I will not rock that boat with anyone, ever. I refuse to enter into a debate or discussion over religion with anyone anymore, been there done that.

I am well versed in the world’s religions and I spent a number of years learning about them. I am an informed individual when it comes to this topic (more so than most) and not because I wish to discuss or debate the topic, I learned about and educated myself for personal reasons. I also became an ordained minister and for the state of Ohio can perform weddings and such legally… I did that for my own personal reasons as well, not because I am religious.

Only a hand full of people actually know that about me, mostly because I do not ever talk about religion.

I am not a religious person, at all. I have certain beliefs but they do not rule my life and make me any better or worse than anyone else. I do not make any decisions based on those beliefs; I prefer to believe that making life decisions has to do with being informed and doing the right thing, whatever the right thing means to you. I aim to never hurt others and to treat people as I wish to be treated, those are just good moral views nothing else.

I think that religion, like politics is a necessary evil. I think people would lose their minds and the world would be in a state of chaos if religion did not exist. I think religions and their corresponding beliefs give most people something to believe in when they may not have anything else to keep them on the straight and narrow.

Think about it, can you imagine what would happen if everyone suddenly had proof that there was no God and no heaven? Surely the world would go up in flames because people would have no reason to act like human beings and they would turn into savage beasts.

Does it sound like I have no faith in humanity? Well…the world is a crazy place and given the history of war and bloodshed and that religion always seems to be the root cause for it, just imagine a world with no religion…

Religion was “created” for many reasons, power of course but also for order. So it is for that reason, the keeping the world alive reason, that I believe that religion is necessary. I do not subscribe to it and will not share my beliefs with you unless we are in an intimate relationship and you really care to know but I also will not judge you for your beliefs.

Everyone has a right to believe what they want to believe and as long as your beliefs are not harming other people then why should I care? The only time I will judge you or walk away from you because of your religion is if you try and force it down my throat or will not respect the fact that I do not have to share in your beliefs. I will listen politely if you feel the need to share something about your beliefs or religion and I will smile and nod but I refuse to argue or discuss it because I learned a long time ago that when someone starts talking about religion with someone they know does not share their beliefs it is because they are looking for a fight. I am a lover not a fighter…unless we are in the MMA ring of course, then I am kicking some butt. Haa

I feel like the phrase “ignorance is bliss” must have been created when thinking of religion. I think a lot of people just adopt the beliefs of their family and continue on the “tradition” as it were. I think there are some people, like me, who go out on their own search for knowledge and on that journey learn to think for themselves and decide what path is truly best for them regardless of what their friends and family think about it. I think the pressures to conform lead most people to unfulfilled lives and their religious beliefs are a big part of that. That is of course just my opinion.

In either case I feel like people should inform themselves. I feel like if people are going to preach about something, if they are going to believe in, debate or discuss something then they should want to be educated and know the facts before they do so. I am an educated and informed woman, I thirst for knowledge and I know that I do not know everything. I feel that everyone is entitled to their opinion. I feel no need to defend my beliefs as they are my own and none of your business. I also do not feel the need to discuss your beliefs with you and I will never feel the need to argue with you about it because arguing means that I feel I am right and you are wrong and I will never take such a stance on any topic.

I know that people will do and say what they will and I have no control over anyone but myself. So do what you will and harm none and try to live a life that makes you happy. What else can you do really? Life is too short to let things you cannot control consume you. I choose love and happiness; I choose to live in peace.