I Have Donated My Body to Science …

  • I need to preface this post by stating that I have made Linnetta Ellis the executor of my estate and she has been left with instructions on what to do when the time comes and I have also left her money from my life insurance to carry out my wishes*

I have been thinking for awhile now what I would like to happen when I die, it isn’t something you want to think about but you have to. You cannot just ignore the fact that these things have to be planned ahead of time if at all possible. It is such a burden on your family when you die and have done nothing to prepare. I have seen what a burden it is first hand.

In such times you want your family and friends to have their time of grief and mourning without the hassles of guessing what you want to happen, or worse…fighting over what happens to you. It happens, sigh.

I have always said that I did not want to be buried in the ground. I do not feel that is a good use of the earth or your money. I mean what is the point really? When you are dead you are gone, you are not laying in the ground waiting for visitors…

I also do not want a funeral service where people come and gawk at my corpse saying , wow she looks different dead, or she looks so peaceful…come on people, if I am still hanging around after death it isn’t going to be in some casket, I will be standing behind you trying to smack you in the head or haunting your house but no way will I be laying in that casket.

Nope, I would rather have a memorial service. I would rather have a bunch of my favorite pictures from my happier days alive for people to sit and talk about rather than crying over a corpse, and donating my body assures that no funeral will happen.

The process is actually pretty awesome. Once you die someone calls the number on my donor card for the Cleveland Clinic, they pick me up and use my body for science. I get to still be in this world helping mankind even when I am dead…that thought of being able to help someone, anyone…even after death is pretty amazing to me.

Then, get this, when they are done with your body they go ahead and cremate you and send your ashes to your family or to Lakeview cemeteries mausoleum, free of charge! See, I was going to be cremated before but there would have been a cost and funeral parlor cost etc… this way no one is burdened by any cost what so ever and they can still have my ashes to do what they will with if they so choose!

Win Win for everyone!

Death is a part of life…it is going to happen sometime and now I will be prepared and so will the people I leave behind when ever that day should arrive…you just never know when it is time for your card to be punched and it pays to plan ahead…for everyone.

I was accepted into the donor program and I also filed my living will, last will in testament and my medical power of attorney. It is actually quite a relief having this all taken care of, and now I know I wont leave behind a mess for anyone else to clean up after I am gone.

If you are in the Cleveland area and are interested in this program here is the link:



Part two:

Upon my death, these are my wishes:

I am putting this out there because I have seen what happens when people do not know what you want or people try and pass off what they want as something that would make you happy… well, I want everyone to know exactly what I wish to happen when I am gone.

#1 I have donated my body to science so upon my death the Cleveland clinic must be called to come collect my body.

#2 I do not want a memorial service at any funeral home; an unneeded expense to my family is not what I want. I would rather have everyone meet up at a bar or park with a stage so that my friends can play music and tell silly stories remembering me with laughter, not tears.

#3 I want everyone to come up and tell one story and do a shot afterwards, I want there to be a line of shots and as many stupid stories as people can think of.

#4 My body won’t be there so please have everyone bring 1 picture they have of us together to share and have a TV or screen where people can show some silly videos of me, I know they are out there lol Maybe read some of my writing, I am posting as much of my writing on my blog so when the day comes there will be enough to choose from.

That is all I want, for all of my friends and family to be together doing the things I loved the most… drinking with friends with laughter and music and being free out on the road with the wind in my hair… if there is something after this life and I do get the chance to hang around and watch you guys know that I will be dancing and drinking with you.

I was witness to and a part of one of the most heartfelt and beautiful memorials recently for a friend of mine that passed away. So many people came to show their love for him and his love of music. That moved me so much, to see his love of music and friends still coming together in his name. That is what I want after I am gone, I want people playing music and sharing memories, sharing the love.

Do not think me morbid, just know that I know our days are numbered and I know I may not be here long so I want you all to know how happy I am and what a blessed life I have. I know I am a lucky woman in so many ways and I have no regrets in life, not one. I love with everything I have in me, I love everyone in my life and I hope you all know that and have felt that from me.

I have always done the things in my life that made me happy, I have always loved the people in my life with everything I have and I have lived life exactly the way I wanted to. I honestly can’t ask for more from this life, I have been so blessed and so fortunate and I am grateful for every single day.


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